Viper VSM350 SmartStart GPS Module (CDMA)

You can add a Viper SmartStart module to any compatible Viper system to make your system SmartStart ready. This GPS module will also enable the SmartStart GPS location-based features.

  • Viper SmartStart-ready
  • Viper SmartStart GPS Enabled
  • Location/Speed Tracking
  • Keyless entry
  • Virtually unlimited range!

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Lock / Arm
Unlock / Disarm
Remote Car Starter
Trunk Release
Aux Channels Compatible (?)Customize and control the look and feel of two auxiliary channel buttons on the app’s home screen. Set your app up to interact remotely with any part of your car – custom suspension, roll down your windows/sunroof, blast the radio – anything that you can imagine!
Viper Motor Club
Car Location (?)Check the location and status of your vehicle right from the Viper SmartStart app at any time.
Car Speed (?)See how fast your vehicle is moving and the direction it is heading.
Speed Alerts (?)Provides notification when your vehicle exceeds the specified setting.
Lockdown Alerts (?)Sets your vehicle location and provides notification if your vehicle leaves that spot.
Social Media Check-in (?)Supports the connected lifestyle, allowing you to let Facebook friends know where you're parked with one-touch check-in and customizable messaging.
SmartFence (?)Creates a secure zone around your vehicle, alerting you if your vehicle leaves that zone.
HotSpot (?)Creates an alert zone around a prohibited location, notifying you if your vehicle goes there.
Bluetooth Connectivity (?)The Viper SmartStart Bluetooth Module connects your vehicle and smartphone with Bluetooth® technology, allowing you to control your car via the Viper SmartStart app.
Car Status (?)The app offers real-time car status and unprecedented two-way connectivity. Not only can you locate your vehicle with GPS – but also know that it’s running, armed, locked, and much more!
SmartSchedule (?)Viper SmartStart's new SmartSchedule is patent-pending technology that sends smart, behavior-based reminders to you when it’s time to start your car. SmartSchedule triangulates scheduling, weather and location data to generate these predictive start reminders.
  1. Shahid Ali Jasani1/7/2018


  2. Matthew - Jackson heights, NY8/16/2017

    As great as the module is, this is my third module and the GPS does not work. Customer service is great but the module tells me that I have 2 bars and doesn't locate my car via GPS. Maybe it's the zone? But the first module used to work now they don't. Would like it to work but maybe it's the service.

  3. Chris H. Junction city Kansas4/16/2016

    I really love this Viper SmartStart I've had it for year I have it for two more years and I got to say the only thing that I haven't been able to figure out is how to use my smart watch to start it it's installed I just need to figure out what the settings are so it will do it everybody should have one of these if you're as lazy as I am

  4. Joseph K. Batista2/21/2016

    Works well. Still trying to customize my settings. The response time I believe should be a little faster but it depends on your service and where you are in your area... haven't found yet how to see the temperature in my car as of yet.

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