Viper Powersports

VIPER powersports products offer cutting-edge technology crafted specifically for the needs of recreational vehicles. Our innovative solutions are optimized for low power consumption and are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your bike, boat, jet-ski, 4-wheeler, ATV or Classic car.

Viper Powersports GPS

Locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere
Secure It, Find It, Keep It!
VIPER Powersports GPS lets you monitor and locate
your vehicle using your smartphone.

Viper Powersports Security Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide Coverage

Viper Powersports GPS uses advanced GPS and Cellular technology to monitor your vehicle anywhere in the U.S. using AT&T's cellular network.

Viper Powersports GPS Location Monitoring

Location Monitoring

Locate your vehicle on demand and set multiple Smartfences to monitor when your vehicle enters or exits an area.

Viper Powersports Starter Disable

Starter Disable

Remotely enable and disable the starter of your powersports vehicle from your smartphone.

Viper Powersports Smartphone Alerts

Vehicle Alerts

Receive text, app or email notifications when your vehicle moves, tilts or is tampered with.

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Viper Powersports Security

Add a layer of security and protection
Built into a compact, water-resistant case,
the VIPER Powersports Security protects your vehicle.

Viper Powersports Shock and Tilt Sensor

Shock and Tilt Sensor

Built-in shock and tilt sensor with warn away monitors your Powersports vehicle constantly when armed.

Viper Powersports Rugged Remote

Rugged Remote

The water resistant two-button remote works from up to 600 feet away.

Viper Powersports Water-Resistant Siren

Water Resistant Siren

The 110db compact siren will scare away any potential thieves.

Viper Powersports Security


Secure your helmet, saddlebag or other personal goods with the optional closed loop trigger.