Viper 5706V LCD 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

Viper 5706V LCD 2-Way Security + Remote Start System
Viper 5706V LCD 2-Way Security + Remote Start System
Viper 5706V LCD 2-Way Security + Remote Start System

Responder LC3 – the 3rd generation of Responder, complete with SST One Mile Range, the new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display, an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB recharging – all in the slimmest display remote on the market.

  • Priority Icon Map with LCD Display
  • Includes 1-Way Companion Remote
  • Up to 1 Mile Range

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Responder LC3 – the 3rd generation of Responder, complete with SST One Mile Range, the new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display, an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB recharging – all in the slimmest display remote on the market.

Combining the best features of Responder with all the “New Technology Platform” advances introduced with the Best of Innovations Award-winning Responder LE, Responder LC3 systems come with one 2-Way LC3 SST one mile range remote and a companion 1-way long range remote.

Responder LC3 lets you command and monitor your vehicle like never before, with our Priority icons – simple and prioritized for easy use - plus clear text labels on the large LCD screen. With the Priority™ User Interface, the five buttons control 24 functions on each of two cars! And with the Priority Icon Map™, the most important icons reside in the center of the large LCD screen, 3 times larger than the less-critical icons positioned on the edges of the screen. It’s undeniably the most sophisticated one mile range LCD remote ever!

In remote start mode, if Active Temp Check is selected, Responder LC3 will display Temperature (in either Fahrenheit or Celsius) instead of the time (the default display). Now you can see the actual temperature inside the vehicle, before walking through the weather to get to it! If it isn’t warm enough inside your car yet, use Runtime Reset to extend your runtime. Don’t worry about forgetting about your car – Responder LC3 reminds you 3 minutes before your time runs out, with an audible tone, a vibration, and on the screen.

If anything happens to your vehicle, Responder LC3 notifies you right away if you are within range, playing the Revenger siren tones from inside your pocket. If anything has happened to your vehicle during your absence, LC3 spells out what happened when you unlock your doors: “Shock Sensor” for example.

Or you can silence your car’s siren and only be alerted on your remote, with Silent Mode2 sirenless arming. Arm your alarm with the door open and Responder LC3 will alert you – audibly and with large readable text: “DOOR OPEN”. Responder LC3 gives you an unprecedented level of control.

Only the important icons are displayed - unused icons disappear from the screen to keep the display clean and simple. “Ghosted” icons – outlined icons only without their typical solid body - indicate that you’ve changed something. For instance, while a solid padlock icon shows your alarm is armed and your doors are locked, an outlined padlock indicates your doors are locked in Valet Mode. The words “Valet Mode” appear to make sure you’re clear on the status of your car.

Some of the many New Technology Platform features incorporated into the system include:

  • D2D Serial Data Port – Gives installers plug-and-play connection to all the other XPRESSKIT interfaces
  • Virtual Tach – No tachometer wire connection required
  • Flex Relays Onboard for Remote Start and Light Flash – eliminates the need for additional relays 80% of the time
  • Control Center – combines the Status LED and Valet Switch with the 2-way Antenna, making the switch easy to locate, and eliminating drilling of any holes in the dash
  • Priority User Interface and Features – including SmartStart™, Timer Start, Runtime Reset, TempCheck and Silent Mode2 siren-less arming modes

Stay in touch with your vehicle at all times with Responder LC3!

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Remote Confirmation (?)2-Way remotes let you stay in touch with your vehicle, confirming your commands (such as remote start, or arming your security system) either with an LCD screen on the remote, or using LED lights. Some 2-Way remotes also act as a security pager, letting you know your siren has been triggered, even if you are too far away to hear it. Priority Icon Map with LCD Display
Remotes (?)The number and type of remotes that come with the system. Includes 1-Way Companion Remote
Range (?)Viper systems use Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to communicate with your vehicle, and these technologies each have a typical operating range. Range varies by the technology used, but also because of environmental factors such as interference from other RF sources. Currently Viper systems with the longest range use Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) with range up to 1 mile. Up to 1 Mile
Security (?)Approximately 1.2 million vehicles are stolen in the U.S. every year and $1 billion worth of contents are stolen out of vehicles - so millions of vehicle owners have reached out to Viper security systems as a powerful deterrent against thieves and vandals.
Remote Start (?)Remote Start allows you to start your engine by remote control, allowing your vehicle's climate control system to warm up or cool down the cabin before you get in. Range is important with remote start (your vehicle might be parked down the street, or at the far end of a parking lot) and 2-Way remote start systems are preferred (because they confirm that your vehicle has started.)
Keyless Entry (?)Unlock your vehicle's doors with the push of a button on your keychain remote.
Trunk Pop (?)Viper systems with Trunk Pop can open your power trunk with the push of a button.
SmartStart Compatible (?)A Viper SmartStart module can be added to this system to make your vehicle SmartStart ready.
Encryption (?)Clone-safe, anti-Code Grabbing technology comes standard on every Viper system. SuperCode™
Domelight Supervision (?)A great safety feature: illuminates your vehicle's dome light for 30 seconds when you disarm your security system or unlock the doors of your remote start system.
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor (?)Each Viper security system comes standard with the dual stage Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, which detects blows or impacts to the vehicle and can discriminate light impacts from heavy ones.
Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren (?)Light impacts result in WarnAway chirps from the Neo Revenger Siren, while heavier blows result in the full 120 dB 6-Tone sequence, designed to frighten away the would-be thief and call attention to the intrusion attempt.
Failsafe Starter Kill (?)Keep your car where you parked it with the Failsafe Starter Kill, an immobilizer designed to prevent hot-wiring.
Anti-Carjacking (VRS) (?)VRS is a user-operated anti-carjacking system. Once activated, if your vehicle is carjacked, 30 seconds later the siren will start screaming for help and the lights will flash. When the carjacker pulls over and turns off the ignition, the starter kill will activate, which should prompt the carjacker to then abandon your vehicle for eventual recovery.
# of Auxiliary Channels (?)Auxiliary channels are electrical outputs controlled by your keychain remote, which your installer can interface with systems in your car to allow you to operate them by remote control. Additional parts or labor will be required. 4
Responder LC3

Responder LC3

Responder LC3 is the amazing 3rd Generation of Responder SST, with one-mile range, an LCD screen that’s 20% larger – and our coolest industrial designs, with an upgraded user interface, 3 intuitive side buttons, and a mini-USB charging port for the built-in rechargeable battery.



SuperCode is the technology that defines the functionality of Responder and the intelligence that drives its advanced features. Its protocol encompasses software-based system signal encryption (replacing hardware-based Clone Safe Code-Hopping). Multi-car operation is designed into the SuperCode protocol, so users will have all of the possible operations for two cars controllable by one remote.

SmartStart Compatible

SmartStart Compatible

Start, control, or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone.

You can add a Viper SmartStart module to any compatible Viper remote start or security with remote start system to make your system SmartStart ready. By adding a VSM350 module, your system will also be ready for SmartStart GPS.

  1. Brad - San Diego, CA8/7/2021

    I have a 1998 K1500 that I’ve had the misfortune of being broken in to and attempted to be stolen three separate times. I have had to park my truck on the street away from my home due to lack of parking, and have had crazy anxiety about leaving it out overnight due to the circumstances. I had this product installed, and my worries melted away. The remote is incredible! It reaches all the way up to my unit with no issue. Unfortunately I’ve already had another attempt on my vehicle while I was away, yet my remote still alerted me when I returned home. No one was able to get in or take anything this time. Not to mention having an old truck with remote start is an incredibly useful (and cool!) feature. Thanks Viper! Life changing!

  2. Manuel Gil Espinosa11/11/2019

    Después de comprobar la gran confianza que le tengo a la 5X10 estoy por instalar la 5706 en un Spirit de Chrysler del año 1994

  3. Joe-Rosenberg,Tx4/2/2017

    I recently got this Viper remote start system installed on my brand new 16 CC S Trim 4x2 Automatic Nissan Frontier and as a first timer, I am really impressed with this system. I like the simplicity of the system, the cool LCD remote, and the fact that the remote start range is a mile. (I actually was able to remote start my Fronty from the other side of my enormous house so I was ed.) I am so impressed with it that I have been showing it off lately to everybody in the family (trying to make the family jealous ). For those of you who are looking for a reliable and good remote start system for your fronty, I recommend that you use the one that I attached to this post. If your Fronty does not have an OEM alarm system like mines or if you are looking to replace your existing alarm system, then look no further as this is the one to use. This one already has a security system incorporated with the remote start system

  4. Matt- Melbourne, Australia10/3/2016

    Had this installed a couple weeks ago. Works perfectly. Cannot fault the system. Remote start is amazing! Use it in the morning to warm up my 03 STI every morning, while I have my breaky before shooting off to work. The battery life in the remote is really good. Hasn't needed a recharge yet and its still got full bars. I've shown my mates, and they have ordered them to be installed shortly. Best security system I've seen/owned. Matt.

  5. Hamilton4/29/2015

    Picked up my new Ram truck in Dec 2014 and had this system installed. I have had many systems in my old vehicles, but this system by far is the best. I am very impressed with the range to receive signal, it still surprises me as I continue to test the limits.

  6. Chicago, IL3/10/2015

    I just love this remote start w/ security. I tested it out at work. I work as a security officer at an apartment complex so I walk all around. At the end of my shift I thought that I would test it out. It started from the other side of the complex. It will com in very handy on our cold Chicago nights. I'm very happy

  7. JEFF - MANSFIELD, OH4/21/2014

    Had the Viper Security and Remote Start System 5706V installed on my 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt and it works great, also had Cruise Control installed at the dealer and loving it so far. I love everything that this alarm has, remote start, keyless entry, 2 way remote, one mile range. Thanks Viper, I could not ask for anything better. Money well invested.

  8. Prospect Heights,IL4/2/2014

    Got 5706v installed and it works great.

  9. Chicago, IL2/25/2014

    I have been a customer of Viper for over a decade, installed their product on soon to be five vehicles. Although the product is solid, the horn and remote are poor quality. Only if they could make the horn louder, and design a remote that doesn't wear out after a year of use.

  10. DAVID, PHILADELPHIA, PA.1/31/2014


  11. Joe-Toms River, NJ1/11/2014

    I like everything about this alarm, remote starter, keyless entry, 2 way remote, one mile range. The reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because viper decide to change the product from a study blue remote to A VERY CHEAP GREY REMOTE!!!! This remote has broken more times then I care to count. Its a very cheap poor plastic that if you drop it on carpet it breaks and the worst part is I got charged more for the cheapness!!!

  12. Lauren- Houston,TX5/14/2013

    I absolutely love my alarm!!! I've had it for a while now and I could not ask for anything better. It has alerted me on multiple occasions when people would bother and try to break into my viper has prevented all those who have tried from successfully doing so.I recommend this alarm/ security system to all of my friends and family because it is just that GREAT!!!

  13. new orleans,LA5/1/2013

    i have had the 5704 installed for 6 months now with all the extra's, remote start,tilt sensor with the 3 years phone app and I love it! it does so many things that I can really use from GPS ( teenager's ) to smart start and text warnings to my phone and email and its very easy to use. I love the fact that I can start my truck and have the temp hot or cold what ever the case may be. thanks viper!

  14. Brett1/24/2013

    Awesome remote, just one compliant and maybe someone can help me with this. When i start my truck with the 1-way starter it will run for 15 minutes then turn off, which is normal, but the problem is that the engine turns off but not my radio or my dash lights in the truck. i work at a mine up in Northern Ontario and i start my truck from time to time but i cant start it with the remote cause my lights and radio stay on? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks NOTE: i just purchased a truck that has this remote on it, first time user and have only had it for 3 days now

  15. Tony Montana Miami, Florida12/15/2012

    Great Alarm!

  16. Matt – St. Louis, MO12/10/2012

    I purchased this remote start from Best Buy a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier! Once you learn the menu system it's a breeze. Also, DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT THE SCREEN SCRATCHES EASILY... they haven't taken the screen protector off of the remote. Unlike most LCD screens on electronics, the screen protector is not noticeable, but I promise there is one on the screen. After removing it, I have no scratch marks even after the remote has been in my pockets, bags, etc. over and over. There is nothing I could complain about with this unit, it truly is a 'Best Buy'.

  17. JACKSONVILLE FL4/10/2012

    i was at work time 6;30pm had 30 more minutes to go before i got off my 2006 chrysler 300 was parked in the back of my building, i felt a vibration in my pocket i looked at my phone nothing i looked at my viper pager boom sensors going off i never heard the alarm sound from the car because it was to far away . I ran straight to the back door and sure enough there he was a EBT fed low life POS stuck a screwdriver in my passenger window and tried to go in the car as soon as he seen me he jumped in this TAHOE and drove off, I got his tag it was a stolen tag end result was i had to buy a new window better then a 1300$ pioneer nav system a gun and money I had inside the vehicle at the time.... that could have been stolen but thanks viper i was able to stop the thief before he got away with it all, and be off work to find everything gone..

  18. steve montreal qc1/1/2012

    je l adore

  19. Fatty,Minneapolis,MN12/5/2011

    I went to the park, alot of hills and trees at least 1/2 mile away remote pointed away from car and it started! It works through brick walls at work like no others...BEST! Worth every penny, pro better then factory remote in my Buick! The range is amazzzzing!

  20. sola washington, dc9/26/2011


  21. Valdrin,Kosovo5/11/2011

    Thanks Viper.

  22. jay d - hayward, ca5/5/2011

    i love my new security system. the system has incredible range so i always know whats going on even if i can hear it. the battery life on the remote is outstanding. This is worth the money spent with way more protection and features.

  23. fga, hobart IN3/24/2011

    this is the best alarm ever, thanks Viper

  24. Jose - El Monte Ca2/27/2011

    Hi my name Jose I Got This alarm last year! Thru my insurance and Thanks to this pagin system Today when some one broke into my truck I was able to call the police and when the police came he was still inside he try to run but he was caugt! officer Steve Phan asked me about the alarm he saided that everyone should own one of the those & he also said that if it wasn't for the alarm this could gotten away I really recomend this alarm to anyone thats looking for the best alarm. Thank you

  25. caleb-Michigan, MI2/27/2011

    I like the product alot got it at mickey shorre for 400 like that it shows u the temp inside your car you can cahnge the screen face color only works when you push a botton rest of the time its like what u see in the picture i feel more safe having it and u can feel it when it locks it vibrates and your car chirps would recomd to anyone who wants a remote strater and car alarm and more convient feauters like clock and alot more

  26. jake church hill tn2/21/2011

    this alarm is great i have it installed on 2004 lincoln navigator with every add on you can think of. i can remote start my navi from almost anywhere the range is by far the best out of any viper alarm ive had most every model they have. but hey when i back od walmart and truck is way out in parking lot it remote starts best thing you can have when its 10 dregrees out in tn.

  27. michael - Woodbridge, VA1/31/2011

    This is a great alarm system but what is the point if it only works up to 1 mile (line of sight). Seriously, they make walky-talky's now that work up to 32 miles (line of signt). The technology is there, why arn't they utilizing it? besides the range issue I have with it, It's a great system.

  28. jon- dekalb,il1/9/2011

    got the 5901 and it is great. i got the 5902 remote and im able to use wit with this unit how great is that. 2 2way remotes one color and the other not im so glad i have it

  29. OSCAR-LAS VEGAS12/19/2010

    SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!!!!!!

  30. joey- longisland..ny12/14/2010

    sorry 2 say i had nothing but problems after this product was installed. first brights would not work had to have that corrected than winshield wiper delay not working they corrected that. then that same day at night i was on my way home frm a union meeting, the car broke down. the engine was braking the car had 2 pull in a burgerking parking lot i shut car off and the brake lights remained on. had to get a flatbed to take me and car home. this a 2005 nissian altima. car is at place where the installion took place. i praying they did not mess up my car computer..this car been babyed its whole life i bought it new, i just hope i did not ruin it by having this product installed.

  31. Dionicio Aguilar III, Byram, MS12/8/2010

    amazing product love it i would highly recommend this system to friends and family pricey but well worth the protection for my truck

  32. Kyle - Mandan ND11/17/2010

    I have always had viper products installed in all my cars and they are great! Never had a problem with any of their products, and has great range in the winter for starting my truck. I previous had the 5900 model in my old car and was great so that’s why I bought this one for my truck. The recharging remote is great since you don’t eat up batteries every other week like the 5900 model. The alarm works great where it needs to, also had a tilt sensor installed at the dealer and also works like it should. If you’re going to spend money, spend it once and buy a Viper. Money well invested.

  33. Darren T. - Calgary, Alberta11/14/2010

    One of the best products I have ever purchased.

  34. No Limits Electronics11/11/2010

    I installed these into both of our cars over two years ago and using a bitwriter setup owner recognition which allows each cars remote to control the other car and the settings for each alarm are tied to the remotes. Both 5901's have functioned and continue to function flawlessly. Never was able to find AUX 4 because its just not there even though its states it has four AUX channels. Just installed two more 5901's for my parents cars and the harness has changed and it now has AUX 4. All four cars have two sets of 530T window modules that allow for remote control of the windows, provide one touch up and down for all four windows and will roll up the windows when the security system is armed. 529t modules that close the sunroof when the system is armed. 508D dual radar proximty sensor will roll up the windows if intrusion is detected which allows you to leave the windows down after arming to keep it cool and secure. 508T digital tilt sensor detects jacking of the car by either unauthorized towing or manual jacking to steal the wheels. Best of all NPC eliminates false triggers which keeps the neighbours happy. The crowning glory is the remotes which are awesome ours are set to show either in car temp, run time remaining, time etc... Each remote can control two cars and each alarm can be programmed to react differently with personal control of settings like passive arming for me but active arming if my wifes remote is used. The text ensures you know what trigger is going off and clearly depicts the status of remote start. The range is huge, not one mile though not even close in the real world but still incredable. We added Smart Start so we can use our Blackberry or iPhone to lock, unlock, pop the trunk and start the engine from anywhere the phone works. My wife locked her keys in the car and simply used her iPhone to unlock it. I left my car at the dealership for service and left the keys in the glove box. The next morning the dealer called and said that they needed keys. I told them they were in the glove box and they said yeah but its locked. Used my Blackberry and unlocked it from more than 40 miles away, impressed the hell out of them and me. If you want bullet and idiot proof security and the ultimate control with total reliability the VIPER 5901 is it. For the record the only difference between the 5901 and the 5902 is the upgaded remote. That remote is even more descriptive and by using a scroll wheel and a color oled screen makes going through the many features and menus very easy but the remote is just to big fur us. Since the remotes are interchangeable one could always upgrade in the future.

  35. Chicago Area, il11/7/2010

    Best system I have our thus far. Coupled with the remote starting with my complaints. Looking forward to winter in the midwest

  36. Nj - Atlanta, GA10/30/2010

    I bought this product after comparing it with Autopage & Crimestopper systems with similar specs, I like the 2way transmitter and also the ease of use, I will say that my car feels alot safer now with the viper protecting it.

  37. jim smith-Dunnville Ont Ca10/24/2010

    I only had it short time but no problems so far & easy to use.

  38. John - Las Cruces, NM10/22/2010

    Excellent product although a bit pricey. Instructions are not the best for user programmable features and leaves a lot to be desired, No instructions are provided for syncing a new remote (or even your old one that needs to re-sync after a battery disconnect) requiring a visit to the installers. Performance and features are top notch. Very good range for remote starting the vehicle. Ability to check vehicle temperature is great. Proximity sensor works well and provides a gentle warning instead of immediately going ballistic. Paging feature allows me see what is happening when it's happening. Well thought out and expandable. But don't lose the LCD remote, it'll set you back almost the price of the basic system.

  39. janet - Kansas city, Missouri10/22/2010

    i can start the car inside a brick wall. my other car cannot start only if i have to be very close. this is cool

  40. Dwayne, CO10/11/2010

    Just bought my first alarm system I ever had, and I have to say, I absolutley love this one. I got it installed on my 2006 Chevy Colorado and the most used function I use is the remote start, I love it!



  42. Larry West Palm Beach9/15/2010

    Wow this is really the first thing you should get for any car especially if you plan on adding things to the car. I got this alarm with the smart start and all the sensors available. It sure as hell give me peace of mind. Recomened anyone that's going to get this to do some research on the installer even if it's best buy. Make sure they have a lot of experience working with these alarms. From my experience an alarm is only as good as it's installation.

  43. Scott - League City, Texas.8/2/2010

    My truck seems to be tarket for theifs all the time and this product seems to have helped detour. Infact, my truck has been a tarket 2 times this month. Extras = tilt sensor and glass sensor. My only compliant is that the remote, where you push the buttons on the right side seems to be made to thin and mine has broken. Would recommend product but only time will tell. Have installed about 1 year ago now. Keep the technology moving.

  44. Dustin, Independence MO6/28/2010

    I have only had this system for a few days and already love it. This is my first alarm or remote start I have ever had on a vehicle and it will be a must on trucks to come. Would highly recommend. 2008 Chevy Silverado Install. And if your looking for this system in the Missouri area, Independence Audio is the only place to purchase and install. The best service I have ever had. Ask for Chris or Scott.

  45. Noah - PA6/25/2010

    Amazing. Greatest security system for a car and I would definitely buy one for every new car purchase.

  46. Kate- gardena, ca.4/20/2010

    just got this alarm, and i really like it.. works very fine with my 2010 sentra. i have another one for my other car but didnt like it as much because sometimes the remote wouldnt work.

  47. Kate- gardena, ca.4/20/2010

    just got this alarm, and i really like it.. works very fine with my 2010 sentra. i have another one for my other car but didnt like it as much because sometimes the remote wouldnt work.

  48. Victor ,Calabasas Ca3/17/2010

    I love this remote control,smooth,best alarm by far with all the bells and whistles you can ever imagine.

  49. Maine2/25/2010

    This has to be one of the best if not the best alarm/ remote state system i ever had great product for known security

  50. Ernie - Greensboro, MD2/22/2010

    Great product, couldn't ask for any better deal. I bought this unit and had it installed for $480, couldn't resist. I will be having the window automation, proximity sensor and the audio glass sensor installed in the spring. I the functions of the remote are great and communication is quick. Highly recommended product.

  51. Chris-Lawton,OK2/13/2010

    I really think this is the best alarm viper has made. They are always setting the standard for alarm systems. The pit stop is my favorite feature.

  52. NJ, USA2/2/2010

    I got this remote start and security system installed in my 2005 Nissan Maxima, I can't tell you how much I love this product, I had one bought it from Ebay, and it was a piece of junk, but with the Viper 5901 ,I like the long distance 2 way option, if you have the I phone , you get unlimited range, which is awesome, never had a problem with so far, I had it for about 8 months, now I like the rechargeable idea in the remote, so I don't have to worry about buying batteries, it is the best you can do for yourself , as a treat

  53. Dan - Alberta, Canada12/21/2009

    If you don't have 2-way remote, you have nothing. Started my 09 Tacoma parked in the farthest part of the lot in -25C from a seat in Row 10 at centre ice with 5min left in the 3rd period! 15C cabin temp by the time we got there! Assa-nice! My disappointment is the Smartstart and Timed start features have limited cycles. In other words, if you park your vehicle to go on a 2 week holiday, you better hope the weather is decent where you leave your vehicle, because the 5901 will check the battery power and temperature every 3 hours for 3 days or every 6 hours for 6 days.

  54. Ken Cordova Tn.12/20/2009

    I have had the Viper for about 15yr. now I just got this one put in just to update things it is the best I have seen and the price is right.

  55. Ryan Blake Peterson @ Rock Springs, Wy12/18/2009

    Great remote, awsome features. i like the temp read out other then its off like around 5 to 15 degrees. Being top tech and one of only 2 - 12 volt techs in my shop, it was an easy intall other then the complex of my car and having it do what i need it to. i only got to use 2 Aux out of thr 4 and i love the system, still would have been nice to disable code hopping as not needed around my area. i bought two and due to how old viper was hooked up it burnt up the c9012 transistor for lock function on the first one. second one got door locks configured right and works like a charm. i will be repairing the old and installing into my 09 hayabusa this summer. i cant wait!!

  56. Ian - Sydney, Australia12/8/2009

    Abolutely love this system! FANTASTIC range on the remote! In fact if works in a building parked 3 levels down! Soo many options and customisable features which is more than you can ever want! Highly recommended! Installed on a Nissan 350z!!

  57. Trevor Hannibal, MO11/23/2009

    My Viper alarm has been better than expected in virtually every way! I love the easy-to-understand icons, USB charging port, range... everything! I am a car audio salesperson, featuring Orion, Viper, and other lines. I can wholeheartedly recommend Viper to EVERYONE.

  58. Leon - Melbourne, Australia10/23/2009

    Love this system! Had to wait a while to get it down here but it was worth the wait. The remote start is amazing, especially for those cold winter mornings and those hot summer days where you can preset your climate control and let the car do the rest. I have a Skyline R34 and it's just great to have high-tech alarm for a piece of mind. The range is unbelievable and the 2-way is very responsive. Would highly recommend!

  59. David gonzalez Amarillo tx10/10/2009

    I have a 98 ford f-150 with a 7" screen instald in the front dash and three twelves under the back seat and there no better way to protect it than the viper

  60. Chris -Tigard, OR.8/26/2009

    It's a great system. So many features that will take time to learn them all. With the auto run I was able to get rid of my turbo timer. The only complant I have is about the remote start. The button is hard to push on the remote, and the extra steps I have to take because I have a manual trans.. Other than that top of the line system.

  61. Brandon- Reston, VA8/24/2009

    I love my Viper system, it’s a great addition to my 2006 Mustang. When it's hot outside, I hit the remote start to cool down the interior, same when it's cold. I love the fact that I have full supervision over my Mustang when, I'm not within earshot of my car. I would highly recommend this system to any vehicle owner.

  62. Corey in Woodbridge, Virginia7/16/2009

    So far its GREAT. Had it installed 2 days ago on my Nissan Maxima(07')..because my car has the special key and remote, some adjustments were needed..For example, When I start my car with remote start, i cant just get in and turn key(I dont use a key to start my car) I have to hit the brake then restart the car and when you hit the brake, the car shuts off..So that kind of sucks but thats b/c of the car I have and Im rarely going to use the remote start anyway...But ALL of the features are amazing for this car alarm/remote start....This is my 1st real car alarm and a friend reccommended it b/c he had it on his 70' Chevelle, and b/c of all the car thefts in my neighborhood-I went and got one..I spent around $1286.xx for everything(sales tax and installation) but it is well worth it.....Another thing I kind of dont like is-I have the button on my two front door handles that unlocks and locks all doors, and when I hit the button to unlock my doors, alarm goes off and i have to hit the unlock button on viper alarm button...but its ok, just got to get used to not using the handle button-but im going back to the shop to ask about that.......All in ALL...its GREAT

  63. Jake-Billings Montana7/15/2009

    very nice to have. now i can tell if someone is tampering with my truck. a must have for anybody. especially teenagers in a highschool parking lot! also love the fact that u "charge" the remote. Viper came out with another amazing product!

  64. Mike, New York, NY6/28/2009

    I have had prestige alarms and a few more other less known devices on my 2001 Q45 I have to say this Viper Alarm is the best. I have dropped the remote a few times even chipped the silver part and still did not cause any issues. I love the fact theres no Battery to replace and can charge with even a USB cable so while I am on the road I dont need to even carry the charger i use my Laptop. Aslong as you have a installer that knows what hes doing you are gonna love this System.

  65. Al - Corpus Christi, TX.6/20/2009

    I've had this alarm for at least 6 months, and it is amazing! The features are great, and it is simple to use. The only complaint I have is that the internal shock sensor is not sensitive enough. I would suggest that if you are thinking of purchasing this alarm, have the installer put in an external shock sensor (very easy to do). I am told it is a plug and play deal. Another great product from Viper!

  66. Jesse - Houghton, MI6/12/2009

    The Viper 5901 remote start and security alarm is a great product, it was fairly easy to install and has a ton of configurable settings and features. There are some things that could use improvement though. I wish the car would send a signal to the remote if the engine started successfully, not just if it got the command to start or if it failed to start. Having the shock sensor in the main unit is nice and simple to install, but I wired the main unit in and found out there’s a relay in my car that turns off about a minute after my car shuts off that has false triggered the alarm a couple times. It would be nice to relocate the sensor to somewhere else, but I don’t want to move the whole unit. Along with that it would be kind of nice to have the temperature sensor separated so that it can be placed in a better location rather than tucked far up under the dash. I do get some skewed readings in the winter saying it’s 70 degrees in my car, but I get in and it’s been running for a while but not warmed up to 70 yet. I think this is caused from the heat produced from the electronics in the main unit itself. I think some more feedback from the car would be nice. Have a couple of inputs in the car that could either signal the remote or have the remote request their status. You could connect it to the low fuel light so you don’t idle your car empty or see if anything else is turned on or off or whatever, there are many possibilities with that. When the battery on the remote dies, it lets you and everyone around know it. I look at the display most of the time when I lock/unlock or would notice an extra beep, why does it need to make beep for 20-30 seconds every time a press a button when the battery dies, it’s just wasting more battery? Also my battery usually doesn’t last a month, but it really doesn’t take long to charge so I could care less, I only wish it would last longer so it wouldn’t beep so much when it gets low. Also I dropped my keys the other day on concrete and now the remote sounds high pitched and quieter, I must have damaged the pezio inside, but I kind of like it now since it’s not as loud. Since I’m on sound, I wish I could deactivate the remote start daaa da da da da da da da deee (increases in pitch), it attracts a lot of unnecessary attention, I usually have to cover it so it’s not as loud. All these things are really minor and do not truncate the fact that this remote start/alarm is awesome and no other manufacture comes close. These are just some improvements that I think could be made for the 5902. Some key features I love: -Range is awesome (I can get it in a anywhere in most buildings if my car is parked outside and I’ve defiantly gotten over a mile when my car was on top of a hill and I could almost see it, just don’t expect a mile if there are trees and buildings in the way, that’s just how radio frequencies work; you would need a lot more power output, bigger battery and bigger antenna to get a mile in all conditions, the range from such a small remote is absolutely amazing if you know anything about wireless communications.) -2-way (if my hands are full carrying stuff, I can just go inside and set everything down before I lock my car and I know it’s locked even if I can’t see it. Also I know that my alarm isn’t being annoying and going off outside in the parking lot or if is and needs immediate attention) -Temperature (as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s really nice to know how hot or cold your car it) -Flexibility (there are so many settings, you can customize it to do so many things)

  67. Ers - Ottawa, CA5/19/2009

    Great Remote Starter and Alarm. The range is very very good, I park my car 2 blocks away from my apartment and it really works. There are only 2 things that I dont like, when it is winter season and you park your car outside, there is a tendency that the 2-way remote starter gives you a error beep to remote start but when you check your car, it is actually running! Second, the 1-way remote should have a lock button to protect it from the kids.

  68. Marcos - Queens, NY4/25/2009

    I have about a month with the system and gotta say, its pretty cool. I get excellent reception, and the perks are convinient, too... Remote start for a manual trans, fully adjustble sensor right from the remote, rechargable batt, seriously, the list goes on. Definately recommend it.

  69. wender-ny, ny4/20/2009

    i love it..its awesome... 5 stars

  70. Robert - Birmingham, Al4/6/2009

    Best alarm by far with all the bells and whistles you can ever imagine, this is a awsome system I love the control over the car at long distances. The only thing is that the 2way control gets scratched up easy............I give it 99.9%

  71. Patrick Orlando, Fl3/23/2009

    Best alarm by far with all the bells and whistles you can ever imagine. Remote start, temp reading for interior of vehicle, remote options [that allow you to customize] Best of all.....wall charger for your remote! Instruction manuals advise 1 year but hopefully longer!

  72. Keith - Fort Washington, Md3/22/2009

    easy install with the correct bypass, this is the unit we recommend to every one of our customers.

  73. A.J- Moreno Valley, CA3/20/2009

    This alarm is top of the line. I have recommend to 2 people so far and they are satisfied with it. Lots of features and 2 easy to use remotes. The only con is the LCD remote is a little fragile because I dropped on the first week I got it and now the chirp (TONE) is barely audible.

  74. St Louis MO3/19/2009

    Well worth the money. I just got it installed and its awsome. I was new to the game of remote start/security but I was told this was the best... and its living up the it! I knew it was expensive but there is no price for piece of mind.

  75. Jerry - Torrance, CA3/11/2009

    Best system on the maket . Iam 61 years old and had a lot of alarms and remote start. No complaints with this 5901 remote start.

  76. Ryan- Trinidad West Indies3/10/2009

    This alarm has proven to be the best remote starter / pager alarm ever!!!

  77. kansas city,MO3/9/2009

    This is one of the best alarms offered from DEI. Had 3 before with 3 different cars. With one being a responder. To give you and ideal of the range. Everyone knows how big walmart is. Would be in back of the store and will still be able to start my car. So I wouldn't dought line of sight 1 mile range. But there are times where passive arming wont let my romte know that it's armed. Plus didn't like that the led is on the valet switch. I also have 2 clubs for the steering wheel and a tracking system. Layer upon layer now a days is the way to go. If you can aford this unit get it. Just hope that dei makes a case or something for the remote so it dont get banged up. (hint hint dei lol.)

  78. Jacksonville, FL2/28/2009

    Best Viper To Date!!!!!!!

  79. KrownLakeshore , Mississauga, Ontario, Canada2/12/2009

    as an installer and a shop owner, i am glad i always stuck with viper and clifford. all though many shops that i know ventured off to other brands, now they are getting back fast back to the pioneers of security and convenience systems, as always pushing the envelope, and setting an example to the entire industry and manufacturers of units who wish to be as good as viper and clifford. GO DIRECTED GO!!! your products are second to none, that being said they are number ONE in our shop, GO VIPER, GO CLIFFORD!!! cant wait for your future toys and releases. keep up the good work

  80. Pataskala, OH2/12/2009

    Had it installed right after the snow storm which i probaly should had before. wasnt a bad wait for the install (2.5hrs) . all features works great. only problem is that when im inside a building, the two-way doesnt work but overall, its great.

  81. Kriz Cali Los Angeles2/7/2009

    The range on it is 1 mile, that is more then perfect with the remote start,not only that the internal battery life it self is very durable

  82. Brandon - Toledo, Oh.1/29/2009

    really nice System first off, The remote control with the LCD display is priceless. and all of the available features makes everything a real convince. My only complaint is that when the Clock is set on my remote it Always will revert to AM when it PM and visa versa. The One mile range is nice but if your in a building 500yrds away it wont work, its kind of temperamental. But over all i wouldnt have picked any other system

  83. Kyle Ann Arbor, MI1/22/2009

    This is a great remote start with security would by again great range and can do so many things from the remote.

  84. Tom - NJ1/15/2009

    I received this as a gift, and I can say that I am very happy with this unit. The only minor annoyance is "unlocking" the remote, which is a settable feature that I plan to turn off soon. I was afraid that the distance (several thousand feet) may be too long, even for this unit, but I have experienced no problems, even without line-of-sight. The system is pricey $$.

  85. England, UK1/13/2009

    WOW! Love it, great job. ;]

  86. Gary - Deer Valley, SK CANADA1/10/2009

    I needed a remote starter for my new '08 Ford Edge. I decided to go all the way and get the top of the line 5901 Viper. Had to wait a month to get it installed - but well worth it. The system was installed yesterday and I am loving it. In this cold climate it works great. Love the Valet take over mode that allows you to leave the car running, take out the key and lock it - great for running errands. Also I like the new USB power plug-in for the remote. My Edge happens to have a USB that can be used to charge my Viper remote. Excellent.

  87. GLENN KEYPORT,NJ1/8/2009


  88. JACK - NEW ORLEANS, LA12/26/2008


  89. Matt - Winnipeg, MB12/15/2008

    Great security, Great remote start in the -49C weather we are getting this week

  90. ap nyc12/7/2008

    system is very pretty. lots of features so many i have to carry my manual to check once in a while. car's range is very good. installation is not complicated just make sure to get the right key bypass for your car(new models). this is where i spent most of the time. easy way is with the extra car's key. i tried a new module that reads the code but failed on accord 07 favorites features: inside temp car find sounds range pretty remotes only complain will call viper to find out why the defrost feature doesn't work like said. people seems to have problem making it work.

  91. Big Slim Washington D.C.12/6/2008

    just bought it and love it already

  92. Ben Unkle- White Marsh, MD11/30/2008

    As the head 12 volt installer at my shop, i highly recommend this product. DEI has once again set the bar extremely high. The new technology is the latest and greatest and continues to be user and installer friendly

  93. Dean - Phoenix, AZ11/26/2008

    i own my own car audio business in phx, az and i LOVE the new viper 5901 and all other new models! hopefully new bitwritters are coming for programming soon! The only downfall on the alarm is new light flash and default programming! Great Alarm and Great Way To Protect Your Investment (Vehicle)

  94. Tracy - Baraboo, WI11/15/2008

    Its a cool new design from D.E.I. The system has a lot of new features that will help out alot of shops. No complaints thus far. So if your looking to upgrade to a new alarm/remote start i would suggest this one.

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