Viper 4806V LED 2-Way Remote Start System

Viper 4806V LED 2-Way Remote Start System
Viper 4806V LED 2-Way Remote Start System
Viper 4806V LED 2-Way Remote Start System

Now rechargeable!
Viper's elegant new Responder LE transceivers mark a giant leap forward in 21st century remote start, and an evolutionary milestone for the keychain remote. These slender & sophisticated 2-Way remote controls feature a clean sleek ergonomic industrial design, made to fit the user's hand comfortably, enabling effortless and intuitive single-handed operation as Brilliant LEDs confirm your commands.

  • Brilliant LEDs
  • 1 Responder LE 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
  • Up to 1 Mile Range

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Now rechargeable!
Viper's elegant new Responder LE transceivers mark a giant leap forward in 21st century remote start, and an evolutionary milestone for the keychain remote. These slender & sophisticated 2-Way remote controls feature a clean sleek ergonomic industrial design, made to fit the user's hand comfortably, enabling effortless and intuitive single-handed operation as Brilliant LEDs confirm your commands.

You will love the way the Responder LE remote feels in your hand, and the many state-of-the-art system features you can access with ease, starting with the new TempCheck feature, which displays the internal cabin temperature while remote start is engaged.

Here are some other features we've added to make Responder LE a milestone in 2-Way remote start:

  • Extreme 1 mile 2-Way range
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • LED command confirmation
  • Flex relay and selectable light flash polarity
  • Separate ESP2 and D2D ports
  • Simple new universal icons
  • Fully charged in less than an hour
  • Charge lasts more than six months
  • TempCheck using Brilliant LEDs – check the vehicle temperature using the hidden LEDs on the remote
  • Soft Touch surfaces for comfortable tactile sensation
  • Manual Transmission remote start enabled
  • Onboard remote start relays

Responder LE will start the engine with the push of a button from the comfort of either home or office, and confirm all commands with Brilliant LEDs. And it will do it all with unparalleled elegance, style and intuitive one-handed operation. That's Responder LE!

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Remote Confirmation (?)2-Way remotes let you stay in touch with your vehicle, confirming your commands (such as remote start, or arming your security system) either with an LCD screen on the remote, or using LED lights. Some 2-Way remotes also act as a security pager, letting you know your siren has been triggered, even if you are too far away to hear it. Brilliant LEDs
Remotes (?)The number and type of remotes that come with the system. 1 Responder LE 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
Range (?)Viper systems use Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to communicate with your vehicle, and these technologies each have a typical operating range. Range varies by the technology used, but also because of environmental factors such as interference from other RF sources. Currently Viper systems with the longest range use Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) with range up to 1 mile. Up to 1 Mile
Security (?)Approximately 1.2 million vehicles are stolen in the U.S. every year and $1 billion worth of contents are stolen out of vehicles - so millions of vehicle owners have reached out to Viper security systems as a powerful deterrent against thieves and vandals.
Remote Start (?)Remote Start allows you to start your engine by remote control, allowing your vehicle's climate control system to warm up or cool down the cabin before you get in. Range is important with remote start (your vehicle might be parked down the street, or at the far end of a parking lot) and 2-Way remote start systems are preferred (because they confirm that your vehicle has started.)
Keyless Entry (?)Unlock your vehicle's doors with the push of a button on your keychain remote.
Trunk Pop (?)Viper systems with Trunk Pop can open your power trunk with the push of a button.
SmartStart Compatible (?)A Viper SmartStart module can be added to this system to make your vehicle SmartStart ready.
Encryption (?)Clone-safe, anti-Code Grabbing technology comes standard on every Viper system. SuperCode™
Domelight Supervision (?)A great safety feature: illuminates your vehicle's dome light for 30 seconds when you disarm your security system or unlock the doors of your remote start system.
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor (?)Each Viper security system comes standard with the dual stage Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, which detects blows or impacts to the vehicle and can discriminate light impacts from heavy ones.
Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren (?)Light impacts result in WarnAway chirps from the Neo Revenger Siren, while heavier blows result in the full 120 dB 6-Tone sequence, designed to frighten away the would-be thief and call attention to the intrusion attempt.
Failsafe Starter Kill (?)Keep your car where you parked it with the Failsafe Starter Kill, an immobilizer designed to prevent hot-wiring. Option
Anti-Carjacking (VRS) (?)VRS is a user-operated anti-carjacking system. Once activated, if your vehicle is carjacked, 30 seconds later the siren will start screaming for help and the lights will flash. When the carjacker pulls over and turns off the ignition, the starter kill will activate, which should prompt the carjacker to then abandon your vehicle for eventual recovery.
# of Auxiliary Channels (?)Auxiliary channels are electrical outputs controlled by your keychain remote, which your installer can interface with systems in your car to allow you to operate them by remote control. Additional parts or labor will be required. 3
Responder LE

Responder LE

The Responder LE 2-Way systems will protect your vehicle and its contents, from the comfort of either home or office and confirm all commands with GhostLight™ LEDs, all with unparalleled elegance, style and intuitive one-handed operation. That's Responder LE!



SuperCode is the technology that defines the functionality of Responder and the intelligence that drives its advanced features. Its protocol encompasses software-based system signal encryption (replacing hardware-based Clone Safe Code-Hopping). Multi-car operation is designed into the SuperCode protocol, so users will have all of the possible operations for two cars controllable by one remote.

SmartStart Compatible

SmartStart Compatible

Start, control, or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone.

You can add a Viper SmartStart module to any compatible Viper remote start or security with remote start system to make your system SmartStart ready. By adding a VSM350 module, your system will also be ready for SmartStart GPS.

  1. Robert DiRosa2/17/2019

    System is rather good, impressed with the distance the 4806V has. My only issue was the two way remote went bad about a month after the warranty was up. I emailed viper and the rep said although it is a faulty remote I would still have to purchase a new remote. I would get no discount regardless if it is ONLY a month after expiring and would have to pay full price $150.00 for a new remote. well since I paid $300.00 for the entire system installed by PC Richard that is an unacceptable answer. The rep told me sorry there is nothing he can do not even discount the remote even though it was a defective remote.

  2. john/aurora il1/9/2018

    so far so good, i have it on my rogue 2016 but the only this after a year battery drains so fast, after replacing the battery it only last for a week and it drains the battery

  3. DENISE NEW JERSEY10/10/2016

    The system itself is nice however I've had multiple issues. First being that I no longer have the remote chirp confirmations. I brought this item back to best buy for more information and it was determined that it was a remote issue and needed to be replaced if I would like to have the sounds. I tried emailing VIPER through their contact us link which did not work, all emails were rebounded back to my email as non-delivery. I tried calling (there is no number listed anywhere on this website) the number I found by going through the instruction manual. First time it was a disconnected tone. Next it started speaking in Spanish (even though I pressed the option for English) then it put me on hold forever with no one to pick up. Now my car randomly beeps when I unlock my car (not every time, just sporatically) which is a real nuisance because it wake up my neighborhood when I am getting back from a long day at work or leaving early in the morning. Again trying to get in touch with best buy to speak to someone which always proves difficult (not at fault of viper) then tried reaching out to viper again. Again .. emails bounced back. Got connected to Spanish speaking automated answering then was put on hold forever with out anyone ever picking up. While I think this product is probably very good, viper customer service is terrible. For this reason I would never recommend this product to anyone because god forbid there is an issue.. good luck getting any help.

  4. Jeanne, Nashville TN2/28/2016

    Bought a used Toyota Camry and much to my surprise and the sales person after i bought it they figured out it had the viper remote start. However, no manual and i looked on line but can't find what i need. How do i lock the key pad so it doesn't send commands to the car all the time? thank you

  5. Randy-Kootenays-Canada2/4/2016

    I recently bought a minivan with the viper 4706 installed and am rather impressed with all the rich features it has. After reading everyones reviews, I can see a pattern emerging and that is about the sensitivity of the keys.I had an idea that I think may solve this. What about finding some kind of plastic snap open snap closed small rectangular box that will just house the unit. With so many small containers out there in the market place there has to be one that will either fit perfect or most likely will need some Macgyvering..Ill try to solve this by looking in stores and particularly in the candy isle and maybe other viper owners could do the same as the batteries are not cheap for these units and 3-6 months seems too often to be changing the batteries..Ill post when I have it figured out..Good luck Everyone

  6. Danny, NY7/10/2015

    so first and foremost i just want to say this is an excellent product. i purchased it from best buy and also had them install it, all together cost about $650. love the range and the automatic starter feature. now the 1 and only con which everyone seems to have is the button sensitivity. The warning beeps will go off in my pocket sometimes and the lights will display. it gets a little annoying. other than that its a great security system definitely recommend it.

  7. Lindsay- Coaldale Alberta Canada2/25/2015

    I have just had a viper remote start model 4806v installed in a 2007 f-150 that I just purchased. I can't say enough good things about this system. Remote is easy to use and the range is fantastic. This is the second viper remote product I have purchased. 1st one is on another truck I own. Living in Alberta Canada winters can be brutal and the viper has always started my trucks even in -40 C weather. I have no problem recommending this product to anyone !!

  8. Reggie VA12/18/2014

    Just had the 4806 installed on my 2014 Camaro SS with 6spd manual. Total time took about 7.5 hours. They said they finished in 5 but as this was a new configuration, they had to work with "arsenal" to make sure the firmware was up to date. Everything works as expected. I think the system is a little to visible for me. Setting the remote start causes the lights to flash 4 times for verification. Double horn beeps to unlock. Single horn on lock...seems backwards but the point is its noisy. I will be recon figuring it for silent mode when i get a moment. One other thing is when the remote start is set via the brake/ebrake/start button on the remote, my interior dash lights stay on for 10 minutes. This is corresponsds with the "accessory" timeoout that is built in to the vehicle. Its not obnoxious or bothersome, so i guess i will live with it. The best buy tech is still researching work arounds for me so thats cool. This things range is incredible. So far i have been able to remote start from more than a 3rd of mile without line of sight. NICE!

  9. Mike - Fairview Heights, IL11/19/2014

    Best Buy in Fairview Heights, IL installed my system. Very professional, system is perfect, and best customer of any Best Buy I've been to.

  10. Hazel-Virginia2/27/2014

    Just had the 4806V installed by a Electronic Speciality Store on a 07 Chev Express Handicap Van. The veatures of the remote start & shut off are wonderful in getting my daughter in a wheelchair accessible van with remote control lift & doors. This was a much needed and wonderful accessory for our van. Love the "Rest Stop" feature that allows us to set the parking brake touch start button, remove key, get daughter out of van, then press start on the remote and engine cuts off-without us having to get back in van after using our remote for wheelchair lift and auto doors.

  11. Dean F. Rhode Island7/22/2013

    7-22-2013- Just had a 4204V Remote Starter installed at Best Buy into my 1998 Corolla with auto trans. I paid $305. + tax. It took about 4 hours to install. The installer had trouble making it work with my factory alarm. I was hoping I'd only need one remote to run my existing alarm, locks and remote starter, but now I have the confusion of using two remotes, one to alarm and one to remote start. Not a big deal, but if I mess up with unlocking the car with the wrong remote, the alarm will go off. The starting distance is truly remarkable, working thru walls and buildings, and the confirmation tones and lights on the remote are wonderful. I had the installer program a lock-out on the remote so I now need to press the "start" button twice for the car to start (the unlock/lock buttons only need one press, so I may accidentally unlock/lock the car if the remote is left in my pocket. Luckily, the remote makes send/confirmation beeps every time a button is pushed, so hopefully I'll hear it in my pocket. Also, there is a small "Control Center" unit located on the windshield behind the mirror which houses the antenna. It has a Valet button on it, but even more important, it has a blinking blue LED that lights up the car at night. All pro thieves know that a car with a blinking blue LED is better left alone. One feature is that using the remote control, the user can program the engine run time length after it starts for 3 different lengths; 12, 24, and 60 minutes. These are ridicules... I would never allow my car to idle more than 5 or 6 minutes. The installer reprogrammed it for 5 minutes. He told me that if I were to ever push the valet button on the windshield mounted control center, the idle time would instantly revert back to the choice of 12, 24, or 60 minutes. Anyway, it seems like a well made, well though out system. I'm not sure if the issues others are having with the remote's buttons being accidentally pushed will affect me now that I have it locked-out. Consider this unit! IOnce you figure it all out, it should make your life easier. I'll update this review if I'm allowed. PS. for those of you that are trying to figure out what a 1-way vs. a 2-way system is, it's simple... 2-way systems have communication between the car and the remote (the remote has confirmation beeps and LEDs so you know the button you pushed actually did what you wanted it to do). 1-way systems have remotes that simply send a signal, but have no confirmations sounds or lights. PPS. My installer told me a cool secret. Keep the extra remote control at home. If you ever lose the smart remote or the batteries go dead, call home and have your spouse or child point the extra remote into their cell phone and give the commands to start and unlock while you hold your cell phone to the Control unit on the inside of the windshield. This will start your car and get you home!

  12. Bill Palm Springs ca5/26/2013

    I was considering one of these,But have alway"s heard "never start your car with the air on"..too much draw in the engine. I live in the desert and was hoping there was a module or model that had a delay or seperate option for "air". but i guess there isnt a option so i'll be waiting till there is..bummed out

  13. Dustin, Parker Colorado1/23/2013

    So far so good. I had the Best Buy installer program my remote to lock so no accidental starts. Range is great! It even NOW makes my lights blink when un locking! 2004 F250 SD Diesel.

  14. Amanda-Virginia Beach VA1/20/2013

    Item was bought and installed at Best Buy. Installation was no problem other then the customer service at Best Buy wasnt the greatest. But with the product I LOVE the range i get to start my truck. Can be in the back of my house or sitting at my desk at work, and enjoy the 2-way communication so i know my truck actually started. I havent had the button sensitivity issue yet and now wondering how you "lock" the keypad. Only issue i have is the flashing BRIGHT blue light of the sensor in my truck. With a small cab truck it lights up the whole thing. To me thats not saying stay away i have an alarm with how much it lights up to me its saying come look at what i have before you break into my car since you can see everything. I covered the light with electrical tape and after that no more problem. Other then the blue light issue i love the product and would recommend it.

  15. Dan - Eagan (St.Paul), MN7/11/2012

    Got my Viper 4204 installed in my 2011 Scion XB after I got a quote from Toyota to install the factory one that only had about 40 to 80 feet of range. My coworker suggested Viper and to be honest I was a bit skeptical, but as I live in St.Paul Mn and work on a campus that has up to 7,500 other people here at any given time, knowing that I was able to start my car from either my desk or just having to walk the 50 feet from my desk to the window to send the signal from my 2way remote. I firmly believe this product was worth the investment.

  16. Ken - Minnesota2/12/2012

    I like the Viper remote start. However, I have to agree with some other posters about the poor button design. You absolutely have to enable the button lock feature to prevent accidentally button pushes. With the buttons locked, I frequently hear the buzz indicating a button was pushed when it is in my pocket or even when I removing my key from the cars ignition. Even with the button lock feature enabled, I managed to accidentally restart the car once when I was turning the motor off and getting out of the car.

  17. Kraig, Iowa1/19/2012

    Works great...the range is fantastic...

  18. jeremy. MI12/28/2011

    Good product......just a few questions, like how do i lock my remote? And is the status led on the control center always suppose to be blinking?

  19. k Bismarck ND10/19/2011

    only issues i have is that it is very sensitive. If you have it in your pocket everytime you lift you leg or bend down it beeps. Very annoying sometimes with the slightest movements

  20. Indianapolis, IN8/8/2011

    I absolutely love this product, I've been using it now for about 8 months. Cools the car in the summer and warms it up in the winter. No problems what so ever, I got it installed at the local Best Buy for a great price.

  21. Fred belleville,mi7/21/2011

    The only thing bad about this system is the remote. At least once a day it goes off in my pocket because a key or some other item has hit a key. That means if your lucky the warning goes off. But usually my car starts. The remote keys need to have a protective rim around each key so you cannot accidently hit a key.

  22. Austin, TX6/27/2011

    Great product, the only issue I have is with the physical remote. Have accidently started the car several times just by grabbing the remote from pocket or wife grabbing from purse.

  23. jon minnesota2/19/2011

    very nice to have especially in minnesota winters

  24. Kerry Springfield illinois1/26/2011

    It's a very good product but there needs to be some kind of slider over the buttons because they are sooooo sensitive. Other than that, it's great!

  25. Jeff Grand Forks, ND1/26/2011

    This is a great product. Always had good luck with viper remote starts. The only troubles with it was the company that had installed it in my 2008 Kia Sedona. They did not know what they were doing. They were a authourized dealer to install. They mess it up worst than it went in. So on that note i rate the product a 4 star and the installers a 0.

  26. R.W. - Coventry, RI1/23/2011

    Bought this to replace a factory remote start system in a Toyota. The Toyota system never worked right and Toyota wouldn't repair it. This new Viper system works GREAT. Very long range and nice to have the 2 way communication when you can't see the vehicle. Have had NO problems what so ever. Definitely recommend to all who want a reliable, quality product.

  27. Dave - Geneseo, IL12/15/2010

    Have had the unit for over a year and it still works as advertised. Deducted one star due to sensitive nature of remote buttons. Can not carry remote in pocket because even the slightest bump the the car will unlock or start. The remote was poorly designed from this standpoint. Viper should incorporate a remote disable feature or cover.

  28. New England12/14/2010

    Really like starting my car from my office. No need to go to the lobby to start it, has great distenence to it.

  29. pknipper - New Hampshire11/18/2010

    Four hour install with Best Buy in Portsmouth NH. It was quick and really pays for itself. With my Protege5, I just needed to spend extra $24.95 (with $300 system) for this model. It's really nice to be able to start it up on cold days and even five minutes before going anywhere just to make sure I'm not running the engine cold. I've tested as far as 1,000ft out of sight location and the car started just fine. The 2-way confirmation is great for this. Knowing that I don't need to crawl out of bed, put my boots and jacket on just to start my car during winter is a life saver! Summer time I'm sure will be great when it's in the 90+ and need to cool down the car before getting out of work.

  30. mustafa kuwait9/13/2010

    it is very good if 2 remotes with LED GHOST LIGHT please contact with me with new viper products

  31. Ricky - Newfield, NY2/11/2010

    I have had other Viper products, but this one works great. I live in Upstate New York where the weather is cold. It is great to be in my home and start the car and know that it is started. The same goes for at work, to be able to sit in my office and start my car and then come out to a warm and ready to drive vehicle. My only wishes were that they installed the trunk release and that the unit came with 2 two-way remotes instead of one 2-way and one 1-way. But overall this is a GREAT product and I would highly recommend it and will.

  32. Becca - St. Paul, MN2/2/2010

    This was a great investment! I use it all the time and like the distance range on the 2-way remote. Only thing I need to look into, is the rear defogger not automatically going on when I start it wtih the remote. I read in the manual that this can be added, so I will need to check with Best Buy on that. Great product and as always, great service at Best Buy!

  33. Sylvia~Omaha, NE1/18/2010

    I have had this remote for just over a year now. I replaced the batteries once so far, and no problems. Installation was done by Best Buy within a 4 hour period. It has been a terrific product for the very nasty winter this year. Range is great, starts from anywhere in my home, from the checkout line at the store, and from inside work. I was trying to find information about a blue LED light flashing inside the car, but upon reading the above review, it appears that I simply need to use the 1-way remote to turn it off. Thank you for that piece of information Teresa!

  34. Tim- Dubuque Ia.1/10/2010

    A very good remote start, very good range ,I had my car parked at the shopping mall, was in a store at the otherside of the malll the car started no problem going through numerous walls ,love the features the keypad lock is very nice.prevents unwanted commands while the transmitter is in your pocket.everything works beautiful .Lee the installer at Best Buy in Dubuque Ia. did an excellent job.

  35. Teresa, NE12/6/2009

    I purchased this unit in Jan. 2009 and overall, it's a good product. I have had a few glitches with it, had to get a new "brain" within the first month and have brought my car back to Best Buy a few times for adjustments, but they have been extremely helpful in assisting me in using my remote starter to its full capability. After reading the manual, I found out that you can "lock" the remote and that way you cannot inadvertently start your car. You must unlock the remote in order to activate any button on the remote. It's kind of a pain, but now I don't have to worry about accidentally starting the car by bumping the remote in my purse or pocket. Note: this only works on the 2-way remote and must be programmed by the installer. I used the smart start last winter and it worked well. No worries in the morning on super cold days about starting my car. I also like the blue blinking light that comes on when the car is locked- I think it deters thieves from breaking in since it looks like the car is armed. (however, if your battery in the remote dies, and your car is "armed" the blinking light will stay on until unlocked by a remote - a good time to use the 2nd 1-way remote to get the light to turn off). This product is great for mid-westerners that deal with super cold winters with lots of snow and ice--barely had to scrap my car last winter. :D

  36. Squirl - Minneapolis, MN9/11/2009

    I have owned two Viper remote starters in my life. The only reason i got rid of the other one was because i bought a new car. This product is good overall. I only have small problems with it. no LCD screen, and the battery life is terrible. Not to mention that when i lock my car i get this beep that last about 10 seconds. I still say it's a good buy overall

  37. Ryan - Calgary, Ab. Canada7/2/2009

    Bought the unit about 6 months ago for my SUV. One noticable concern is the sensitivity of the remote control. Simply bending down with the key fob in my front pocket starts my car unexpected. This becomes a big pain when it occurs time after time. Went back to the retailer and they indicated they had many customers with this same concern. Other than that, the unit works great.

  38. Roger - Michigan2/1/2009

    I just had a 5301 installed. The installer set the remote to start the car with two key presses, so no issues with the keypad. You can also lock the keypad. So far, so good.

  39. Stuart G. from Anchorage, Alaska1/3/2009

    I really like this Remote Start. This is my first one. I have to tell you the Keypad is so sensitive and will start your vehicle with an inadvertant touch. Other than that it works as advertised. I wish the troubleshooting section would mention if your remote will not start, the first thing to do is remove the battery. This reset fixed the only problem I have had with my remote.

  40. Vern Michigan Dec 24 200812/24/2008

    I just had the 5301 installed. The whole process was smooth, the installation from a professional in town was clean. The unit worked as expected. I would recommend this unit to anyone.

  41. Washington11/5/2008

    This is a brand new product at my local electronic store, my truck was the first to have it installed. It took 4 hrs to install. At the store it worked perfectly, when I brought it home I noticed several glitches, brought it in the next day and noticed they had the 4202 in stock, asked about the differences between the two, had the 4102 removed and had the 4202 installed. I am glad I did, the price difference at the store was only $50, for $50 more you get the 2-way remote that tells you if your car is on and if the button you just pressed worked (doors lock and unlock), no guessing. The range is great, I wake up in the morning and start my car from inside the house with no problems. The remote even tells you how cold/hot it is in your car, the 4102 does not. The 4202 only comes with 1 2-way remote, the other is a 1-way. I did have to bring in my truck after 2 weeks of having the remote installed, the installers told me the brain needed to be replaced, the installers were great, they fixed it in less than an hour and at no extra cost.

  42. Andy - Chesapeake, VA10/26/2008

    Works as advertised. I had it installed at BestBuy and the service technician had some problems getting it to "talk" to the car properly and program the system to use the remotes but it was solved after a call to Vipers customer service that they use.

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