Viper 4706V LCD 2-Way Remote Start/Keyless Entry System

Viper 4706V LCD 2-Way Remote Start/Keyless Entry System
Viper 4706V LCD 2-Way Remote Start/Keyless Entry System
Viper 4706V LCD 2-Way Remote Start/Keyless Entry System

Now rechargeable!
Responder LC3 – the 3rd generation of Responder, complete with SST One Mile Range, the new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display, an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB recharging – all in the slimmest display remote on the market.

  • Priority Icon Map with LCD Display
  • 1 Responder LC3 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
  • Up to 1 Mile Range

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Now rechargeable!
Responder LC3 – the 3rd generation of Responder, complete with SST One Mile Range, the new Priority icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display, an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB recharging – all in the slimmest display remote on the market.

Combining the best features of Responder with all the “New Technology Platform” advances introduced with the Best of Innovations Award-winning Responder LE, Responder LC3 systems come with one 2-Way LC3 SST one mile range remote and a companion 1-way long range remote.

Responder LC3 lets you command and monitor your vehicle like never before, with our Priority icons – simple and prioritized for easy use - plus clear text labels on the large LCD screen. With the Priority™ User Interface, the five buttons control 24 functions on each of two cars! And with the Priority Icon Map™, the most important icons reside in the center of the large LCD screen, 3 times larger than the less-critical icons positioned on the edges of the screen. It’s undeniably the most sophisticated one mile range LCD remote ever!

In remote start mode, if Active Temp Check is selected, Responder LC3 will display Temperature (in either Fahrenheit or Celsius) instead of the time (the default display). Now you can see the actual temperature inside the vehicle, before walking through the weather to get to it! If it isn’t warm enough inside your car yet, use Runtime Reset to extend your runtime. Don’t worry about forgetting about your car – Responder LC3 reminds you 3 minutes before your time runs out, with an audible tone, a vibration, and on the screen.

Only the important icons are displayed - unused icons disappear from the screen to keep the display clean and simple. “Ghosted” icons – outlined icons only without their typical solid body - indicate that you’ve changed something.

Some of the many New Technology Platform features incorporated into the system include:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Priority icon map with LCD display
  • Flex relay and selectable light flash polarity
  • 4 auxiliary channels
  • Separate ESP2 and D2D ports
  • Manual transmission compatible
  • Onboard remote start relays

Stay in touch with your vehicle at all times with Responder LC3!

Download Owner's Guide
Remote Confirmation (?)2-Way remotes let you stay in touch with your vehicle, confirming your commands (such as remote start, or arming your security system) either with an LCD screen on the remote, or using LED lights. Some 2-Way remotes also act as a security pager, letting you know your siren has been triggered, even if you are too far away to hear it. Priority Icon Map with LCD Display
Remotes (?)The number and type of remotes that come with the system. 1 Responder LC3 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
Range (?)Viper systems use Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to communicate with your vehicle, and these technologies each have a typical operating range. Range varies by the technology used, but also because of environmental factors such as interference from other RF sources. Currently Viper systems with the longest range use Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) with range up to 1 mile. Up to 1 Mile
Security (?)Approximately 1.2 million vehicles are stolen in the U.S. every year and $1 billion worth of contents are stolen out of vehicles - so millions of vehicle owners have reached out to Viper security systems as a powerful deterrent against thieves and vandals.
Remote Start (?)Remote Start allows you to start your engine by remote control, allowing your vehicle's climate control system to warm up or cool down the cabin before you get in. Range is important with remote start (your vehicle might be parked down the street, or at the far end of a parking lot) and 2-Way remote start systems are preferred (because they confirm that your vehicle has started.)
Keyless Entry (?)Unlock your vehicle's doors with the push of a button on your keychain remote.
Trunk Pop (?)Viper systems with Trunk Pop can open your power trunk with the push of a button.
SmartStart Compatible (?)A Viper SmartStart module can be added to this system to make your vehicle SmartStart ready.
Encryption (?)Clone-safe, anti-Code Grabbing technology comes standard on every Viper system. SuperCode™
Domelight Supervision (?)A great safety feature: illuminates your vehicle's dome light for 30 seconds when you disarm your security system or unlock the doors of your remote start system.
Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor (?)Each Viper security system comes standard with the dual stage Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, which detects blows or impacts to the vehicle and can discriminate light impacts from heavy ones.
Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren (?)Light impacts result in WarnAway chirps from the Neo Revenger Siren, while heavier blows result in the full 120 dB 6-Tone sequence, designed to frighten away the would-be thief and call attention to the intrusion attempt.
Failsafe Starter Kill (?)Keep your car where you parked it with the Failsafe Starter Kill, an immobilizer designed to prevent hot-wiring. Option
Anti-Carjacking (VRS) (?)VRS is a user-operated anti-carjacking system. Once activated, if your vehicle is carjacked, 30 seconds later the siren will start screaming for help and the lights will flash. When the carjacker pulls over and turns off the ignition, the starter kill will activate, which should prompt the carjacker to then abandon your vehicle for eventual recovery.
# of Auxiliary Channels (?)Auxiliary channels are electrical outputs controlled by your keychain remote, which your installer can interface with systems in your car to allow you to operate them by remote control. Additional parts or labor will be required. 4
Responder LC3

Responder LC3

Responder LC3 is the amazing 3rd Generation of Responder SST, with one-mile range, an LCD screen that’s 20% larger – and our coolest industrial designs, with an upgraded user interface, 3 intuitive side buttons, and a mini-USB charging port for the built-in rechargeable battery.



SuperCode is the technology that defines the functionality of Responder and the intelligence that drives its advanced features. Its protocol encompasses software-based system signal encryption (replacing hardware-based Clone Safe Code-Hopping). Multi-car operation is designed into the SuperCode protocol, so users will have all of the possible operations for two cars controllable by one remote.

SmartStart Compatible

SmartStart Compatible

Start, control, or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone.

You can add a Viper SmartStart module to any compatible Viper remote start or security with remote start system to make your system SmartStart ready. By adding a VSM350 module, your system will also be ready for SmartStart GPS.

  1. Daryl, Wpg, Mb1/25/2020

    Installed a Viper remote in 2014 Ford Taurus in 2015 and viper worked flawlessly. Just traded that car in on the same thing but a 2019 and will be installing another Viper.

  2. Nick-Harlingen, TX.5/23/2018

    I purchased the Viper 5706V Remote Start System for my wife’s 2004 Chevy Suburban as a Mother’s Day gift, it works great.....she is super happy mostly because it now has remote start and at a very very far distance it will start. Added the 3 yr GPS Premium Smart Start plan. Complaints are that on the app any command given takes a good 10-15 seconds to go thru to unit and that’s because Viper only uses Verizon 3G service for the Smart Start....also if the 1 way remote is used, the 2 way remote will not update on the LCD screen as to what the current state of the system is in. I wish that would sync to work seemlessly. Now I plan to install the same system on my car too. This was professionally installed at an authorized dealer. Overall 4 stars from me....only because of the 2 small issues. Everything else is GRRREAT!!!

  3. DJ - Whitehorse, Yukon11/24/2015

    No dealer up here in the Yukon so I had to install myself. Once programmed this unit is incredible, long range and starts -40C no problem. I set the unit for extended runtime, power save page reporting, lock/unlock on entry/exit and to auto charge itself when the battery gets low. Best of all, reports temperature inside the cabin!!! THE GOOD: It's easy to do the wiring and the unit's default settings work. To arm the remote start on a manual trans is a snap, just tap brake and e-brake same time. Done. THE BAD: The defaults aren't optimal. I went through 3 batteries before i finally found a proper programming guide. A monkey could program the unit, 5 mins no tools needed. However without the programming reference, you can't guess the sequence which leads to... THE UGLY: Viper deliberately hides access to the manuals online, and wouldn't help when I called to explain no dealer in my area. What a headache. 5 stars once the unit is programmed, but 1 star for Viper for hiding the manuals and offering no help whatsoever after taking my money.

  4. Alan - Winnipeg, MB.2/25/2015

    Had this installed on my 2012 Honda Civic for just over 2 years, have been having issues with my battery draining & am now on my 4th battery since buying the car March 2012. Today Honda re-installed the remote start after removing it 1 month ago to see if the problem continued after installing the latest battery, the car started fine even in -35 temperatures. Turns out that there was an issue with the blade pulling too much power from the battery & that is the reason for all those dead batteries, NOT IMPRESSED at all & don't think I will ever buy Viper again.

  5. Chris Ontario, Canada12/18/2014

    Just had this installed in my vehicle and I absolutely love it. Great job. As for the complaints about the screen scratching easily. There is actually a second protective film on the screen that needs to be removed also. After I removed that I haven't noticed any scratches.

  6. Providence, RI11/29/2014

    Best remote I've used. I was pretty disappointed with the limited range of the dealer remote in my last car, so I went with Viper’s 4706v. At over $600 with installation and tax it’s still $100 less than the dealer installed remote. Despite serious quality and interface deficiencies I’d still recommend this remote and would buy it again. Pro: Outstanding range: Tonight I started my car from inside the back room of a restaurant almost a block away. Feedback: I am able to know if my car got the message and if my car is running. Interruption free: I can seamlessly transfer from remote to key controlled and back without stopping the engine. That is I can start the car before I leave the house and drive away without stopping and starting the engine. I can leave the car running but undrivable while I grab a coffee without stopping the engine. Con: Scratches. Low quality LCD screen scratches much too easily. I added a screen protector but it looks sloppy. For that much money they could use quality materials. Interface flaws: The feedback “paging” doesn’t really report on the true state of the car. If I lock the car with the 4706 then unlock it with the remote on my key, the display on the 4706 shows that the car is locked when in fact it’s unlocked. Weak engineering could have been straightened out. Overly complicated button lock: You can use command buttons directly and run the risk of accidental pressing or put it in auto-lock mode. In auto-lock mode you have to use two keys to unlock the remote before pressing a command. A one button unlock would have protected against accidental commands and have been much easier to use. It is surprisingly clumsy to press two buttons then a third for command and really difficult to do in your pocket. Abysmal instructions: Like so many techy companies they didn’t take time to write a clear manual. It’s a simple device to use but the instructions make it seem more complicated. You don’t a get booklet but have to download a PDF. That’s annoying.

  7. martha v, toronto, Canada11/8/2014

    working as a dog trainer and groomer it is important for me to know the temperature inside the vehicle. this unit is doing just that and the range is awesome. i found the shop through your website as they showed as a preferred installers. i got the unit installed on a saturday, since they do undercoating as well, they were beyond busy, i have never seen a busier shop ever. they went a little over time, but it didnt matter since i was watching a soccer game in their waiting room. i love the unit, i loved the shop and will recommend others for viper products and to this location. thanks again, VIPER!!! and the entire friendly crew at KROWN LAKESHORE MISSISSAUGA

  8. Jared - Marlborough, Mass5/17/2014

    I just got this system yesterday and I love it!!! the only downside is that the screen had a lot of scratch's on it and it scares me if it brakes because a new remote it $300.. other then that if u want a automatic car starter and want it to be the best go with viper!!!!

  9. Grady - Lawton, OK3/19/2014

    So far I love this system, the convenience of having the LCD display is in my opinion worth the upgrade if you are considering a 2 way remote. The only downside that I have encountered so far is that the screen has the potential to scratch extremely easily. It is not as resilient as say a smart phone. Fortunately I realized the downside quickly and purchased a universal screen protector and cut it down to size to cover the LCD portion before I had any real blemishes. Plan on doing the same IMMEDIATELY after purchasing the remote if you're going to be bothered by scratches. Personally I think Viper should improve the screen quality on such an expensive item, it's the only thing holding me back from 5 stars. Otherwise the remote and system are a pretty incredible upgrade to any vehicle.

  10. Sandor Edmonton, AB12/8/2013

    The system is okay. The distance is huge!! I have the 2 way led remote. Change some future on the remote is difficult and confusing, so easy to press the bottom in wrong time!! The dealer didn't offer the smart start, now I have to buy an other part to use it with my i-phone. An other day and appointment for the install. Otherwise it is really good and I like it!

  11. Dallas- Plano, TX5/19/2013

    Installed this on my 1993 Nissan. I probably had to connect 25 different wires to get everything working but I am quite satisfied! Remote start also helps prolong the life of your engine by allowing it to warm up before you drive. Don't trust a mechanic to install this alarm for you! Every car is different and I needed the full service manual for mine to locate every wire. Newer cars might be easier though. When the previous owner had a mechanic install a Viper 550hf, they needlessly installed a door actuator and failed to get the trunk pop/ remote start working.

  12. Sully - Taber, AB5/17/2013

    Beautiful piece of equipment. Love th USB charger.

  13. Linda-Detroit, MI4/3/2012

    Happiness is a Viper remote start on a Michigan spring morning:)

  14. crambury, nj1/8/2011


  15. John Bremner Ontario Canada12/2/2010

    Excellent product, had the Viper 5501 installed on my 5 speed mazda 3, lots of safety features built in for manual transmissions, installed by future shop who did an excellent job on installation and explaining on how the system works, much better product and features than previous remote starters that Ive had over the years, no complaints at all with this great product from Viper, keep up the good work Viper. Thanks

  16. Anchorage, Alaska10/15/2010

    just got this put in my new car and i love it everything works great. not to expensive. no complaints yet!

  17. Greg-Detroit, MI9/14/2010

    Love the system I have had one every since they first came out. The range is wonderful and I really love the paging feature. The only thing that i don't like is they now put the shock sensor in the brain of the alarm causing the sensitivity to suffer. I had to purchase an additional shock sensor any order to have good sensitivity.

  18. Richard Lima, Ohio6/23/2010

    I really like this system. I think that it is a little over priced. If you don't need the range then go with a cheaper one. What little trouble I have had with this system has been because of the retailer i purchased it from. Overall only purchase this one if you NEED the range.

  19. Andrew - Calgary Alberta3/19/2010

    I Purchased one of these remote start about 5 months ago just before winter. Was a very extensive install, better install manual would have been nice. But it was worth it. It is the best remote starter I have ever had. Starts perfect no matter the weather, the range is really good. The display screen is a nice, because I can refresh the time to idle longer and the second remote is a must. Quality product I will purchase one again.

  20. Cork - Marshall, MN1/1/2010

    This is the greatest remote I have ever had. So far everything works as listed. I am still trying to learn all the features. I am going to get one of these installed in my wife's car.

  21. gary, tn1/13/2009

    Just got one. Love it, but sometimes the 2way on the main remote doesn't always communicate back telling me if on, however it does come on still. Had them look at it and they said sometimes the signal can sometimes get diverted. Not sure if that is true if it is still working oneway!

  22. brian , calgary alberta12/16/2008

    best remote starter i ever had , I've had them inall my cars for 15 years or more , excellent range , - 30 celsius last night . Only draw back is my stereo shuts off when in valet mode , tech says factory toy. issue 08 tacoma trd sport

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