Viper 7752V Premium LCD 2-Way Remote

Viper 7752V Premium LCD 2-Way Remote

This is a replacement or additional remote for your Viper system. View the System Compatibility chart below to see if this remote will work with your system.

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  1. Mike - Oregon6/5/2015

    I have a RPN 7752X None of picture . I have had three and yes I have start my diesel trk 1 mile away this auto start is great but I need a replacement . It works but I broke the face as you can see older. Thanks

  2. Outlaw277/10/2014

    I had my system for 3 years now very happy and to make my system better im adding the gps module and the window tint as well so I can ride in style

  3. Maurice- Atlanta,GA4/30/2014

    1st off I love the system it self nothing better than viper but you better treat both remotes like a baby. NEVER EVER stick in your pocket or drop them, Also push the buttons on the side really SOFT or they'll end up getting pushed into the remote to far for use. AGAIN TREAT REMOTES LIKE A BABY.( NOT DURABLE AT ALL)

  4. Ghost - Fairbanks, AK2/11/2014

    Remote works great. Left it in my pocket and it went into the washing machine and the dryer. It still worked; I was impressed but the screen was faded. Went to the dealer and have them replaced it with a brand new one no charge. Very satisfied! I can see why it's a $300.00 product. It's because of the special chip inside it. I'd say it's pretty awesome and durable.

  5. Fatboy - Zionsville, IN1/7/2014

    I have had my Viper system in my truck for over 3 years now. As a contractor my fob has gone through h*ll and back. The first week I had it the plastic broke but it still worked and I could see the whole display. I am however extremely disappointed with the fact that replacements are so expensive!!! Thank god I have a second one way remote that I got at the time my system was installed. Given that replacement parts are so expensive I will not purchase any Viper products when my second one breaks down. Shame on you Viper!! I guess you don't want the ordinary Joe to have your system! This product is for the ELITE!

  6. Art - Port Angeles, WA5/18/2013

    The features are great, the design is nice and works great too. The only problem is the quality of the casing, which I would say it is extremely lousy. No matter how careful you are, after a few weeks the paint will come off. Replacing it is out of the question, you better off buy another complete system. They want $300.00 for a $5.00 toy made in China. That is a rip-off.

  7. LI, NY12/12/2012

    I love it. I'm a mature woman and I love the one mile range and the large lock display. My past remotes are way behind the times.

  8. Dave Cunningham, Houston, TX11/22/2012

    Good remote but not too durable. What I mean by that is don't let it get wet. Other than that it's fine.

  9. Frank Tenorio ft lauderdale fl9/21/2011

    great remote

  10. Tom McElvy - Virginia Beach VA9/17/2011

    I can only give four stars to the remote (I have the 5901 system) because the durability of the remote is pathetic. Within a month, the finish on the plastic starts to wear, and it looks like a toy gone bad. No one seems to have a protective case, other than a horrible (and expensive) leatherette square cover. The LEAST DEI could do is make a better case and sell that, or a rubber cover like the car makers have. The remote IS difficult to initially understand, but after playing with it, you will get the hang of it. The range is incredible, and the vibrator is a nice feature as well. I like the Viper alarms, I just wish they would pay attention to the little details, like build quality on remotes!

  11. Edi - Bucharest, RO7/18/2011

    pros: trustful device. Way many features and settings. You'll find it very useful when it comes to remotely lower or higher the temperature inside your car. I like the availability of a second remote thumb ... not so sofisticated as the main one, but helpful and slim. cons: cheap platic. the lock/unlock buttons too sensitive, and with its working range you easily unlock your car when pocket resting.

  12. Maui, Hawaii1/17/2011

    Much better than the previous models. remote is rechargable, so no more battery changes every 2 weeks - I highly recommend it

  13. Anthony M. Harrison - Anchorage Alaska11/26/2010

    The 5901 Viper system is very reliable and durable howecer, the romotes for this system is somewhat of a concern. I have had the 5901 Viper system in my 2006 chevy truck and it has been reprogrammed (2 times) once the fub had to be replaced and today after a freak lost of power and usage, I had to purchase another pad (The Clifford Replacement Transmitter P/N# 7752X) in order to use my truck. I like the Viper Systems because at onetime Viper was the top of the line but also really durable. If there is a way to correct the fub concerns, then the 5901 system will continue to be the "Best System" for your vehicle security

  14. Jacob - Metro Detroit11/23/2010

    Great Remote, Great Range, Great Reliability..... But don't break it because it is way overpriced when you have to replace a fob. $199 for a $15 Chinese product using ancient radio frequency technology I'm all for capitalism but WHOA!!!

  15. DJ-Naperville, IL3/4/2010

    Great remote. Temperature is accurate, 1 mile range is excellent! Rechargable battery is also a plus, long battery life and does not need to be re-charged everyday like a cell phone .

  16. K, NC2/17/2010

    great range and has less problems than the previous version

  17. Matt - San Antonio, TX2/4/2010

    great remote. best feature is being able to look at it and see that big lock on the front and the feeling of your car being safe with it. only cons is the actual plastic parts could be a bit more rugged. even a replacement metal casing would be nice. i know they make covers and pouches but the pager is already bulky enough. its pretty easy to take apart with the single screw in the back and a replacement caseing would be awesome. anyways thanks viper for a great alarm

  18. Ryan - San Antonio, TX7/25/2009

    This remote works great the range is amazing i parked at the mall and i could still get signal to my car from the other side of the mall. I also like how it has the rechargeable battery. The only thing I dont like about it is its a little bulky, but other than that a great remote

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