Viper Window Film FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

VIPER® Window Films are a family of products that are applied to glass exclusively for automotive. Made from the highest grade polyester, our films are treated with state of the art coating and laminating techniques to produce premium color and performance characteristics. Offering a wide range of products you are sure to find the perfect film to block the sun’s heat, UV rays, and glare in your vehicle while making it esthetically pleasing to the eye.
Increasing the amount of solar heat that is reflected and/or absorbed by the film, VIPER® products reduce the amount of heat passed through the glass into the vehicles cabin. Reducing solar heat offers a more comfortable interior of the vehicle. Through multiple processes in the construction of our films we provide a varying degree of which our films reduce solar heat. Some competing films contain a layer of metal that provides a high amount of solar heat reflection, but can weaken the performance of many wireless technologies used in vehicles today. Such as tire pressure monitors, navigation systems, and cell phones. VIPER® films contain no metal but still offer the highest level of heat rejection. Please consult your VIPER® professional retailer to find out which VIPER® film is best for your needs.
VIPER® window film is professionally installed by a well-trained and factory certified VIPER® dealers. VIPER® films are designed to be installed on the inside of the vehicles window. Typical installations steps are as follows: - Thoroughly clean the glass. - Wet the film and apply it to the outside of the window. - Form the film to the exact curvature of the window using a heat gun. - Carefully remove film from the outside of the window and apply to inside of the window with a squeegee. - Trim any excess film and complete the installation by making sure the film is firmly in place. - Let cure for minimum of 3days before rolling down the windows.
To select the best VIPER® film for your vehicle, you should consult your local certified VIPER® dealer. We offer a wide range of metal free products in a number of shades and performance characteristics. Your VIPER® dealer can show you the types and shades of VIPER® films and guide you through selecting the best films to meet your needs. To find a VIPER® dealer near you, visit
Yes, VIPER® films offer basic security benefits such as holding broken glass intact and dark shades making it difficult to see in the windows for content that may be stolen. To further protect against theft we offer VIPER® SECURITY film, which is twice as thick as standard film. This offers added protection against criminal activity such as smash-n-grab as well as accidents that may result in glass related injuries. If VIPER® window film is installed with one of our security system you qualify for a free Guaranteed Protection Plan that is the most generous in the industry. GPP refunds your comprehensive insurance deductible up to $2,500 if your car is stolen with Directed alarm installed – or up to $5,000 for Directed alarm with VIPER® window tint, regardless if your vehicle is recovered or not! Please ask your local authorized VIPER® window film dealer for more information. To locate a dealer in the U.S., please visit and use the dealer locator.
After installation let the film cure for a minimum of 30 days, then simply clean windows as you normally would using standard window cleaning solution and soft lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials that may scratch or damage the film.
Installing any window film yourself is not recommended. We recommend that a trained and certified VIPER® installer professionally install window film to the your vehicle. Professional installation will ensure your satisfaction and provide you with the lifetime warranty protection.
Weather conditions and film type contribute to the dry time. You must wait a minimum of 3 days. It is recommended to wait at least 30 days and sometimes even 45 days for the film to fully cure. During this time, you may notice haziness and/or small water bubbles. This is normal and will disappear as the film fully cures. Once completely cured your VIPER® window film will be virtually indestructible and will look great for years to come.
VIPER® window films are made with only the highest grade materials through a state of the art process. For most automotive applications VIPER® films are made to last the lifetime of the vehicle if maintained correctly. VIPER® Film are non fading and scratch resistant and are backed with a lifetime warranty. Speak with your authorized and certified VIPER® dealer for warranty details as some restrictions may apply.
All VIPER® window films block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. This assists in protecting against skin-related issues including melanoma. UV rays can also contribute to fading interior including the dash and seats. VIPER® window films reduce fading by not only blocking UV rays, but also blocking nearly 80% of harmful solar heat making the cabin of your vehicle more comfortable.
Our films are sold through a large network of authorized and installation certified dealerships nationwide. You can find a dealership in your area by visiting and use the dealer locator.
Both of these types of films block up to 80% of the infrared waves from the sun and significantly reduces the cabin temperature of the vehicle.